16 December 2015

Engagement La Spezia

Engagement in La Spezia

First of all, what’s an engagement? It’s a photographic service that the engaged couples do before the wedding. Time ago, we called it pre-wedding service, but today we prefer the word “engagement”.

The pre-wedding is a service that usually scares the couple, especially the groom, because he’s worried about being shy in front of the camera. In our style, we never go too close to the couple and, above all, during the first photos of the service. The couple lets their spontaneous nature and their usual way to stay together show off, that’s now we capture the first pictures.

In this case, our work was very easy, because the couple was very spontanous and natural; they played between them like we were not there. They chose a particular location, the Mirabello harbour in La Spezia, a new area with pubs and restaurants on the beach.

Emanuele and Valeria walked between yachts and docks, they played with the hat or just stayed together. The location did the rest, the glares in the sea, the sunset light at the end of the summer…

If you like to try the feeling to pose before your big day of if you want to play for telling your story, don’t be afraid and ask for an Engagement service, it will portray your story, your love with more intensity of your wedding day.

In the Engagement, the couple is not as nervous as the wedding day, because you don’t feel the anxiety of the event and your faces will be smiling and cheerfull like our couples’.






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