5 June 2018

Wedding on the Beach

Wedding on the beach

Costa dei Barbari is on of the most known location for a wedding on the beach.

A wedding on the beach in Viareggio is surely a very insteresting way to celebrate the wedding in a unique way. For this reason, lot of couples arrive from far away for their most important day.

Last year we met Debora and Michele from Parma.
A very lively couple full of energy with a little and very sweet child. They decided to get ready in a hotel in the Tuscan city and then they went on the beach.
A very explosive ceremony celebrated by Don Giovanni who, with his carisma and his liking did an emotional and fascinating event.

Getting married on the beach is really exciting, feeling the breeze on the face and the sand under your feet.

The outfittings of the event are by Ambra from Noi Eventi, a real professionist at Costa dei Barbari.
The couple chose our studio because they were looking for a spontaneous photography service and not a posed one; I had to say that this kind of photos is perfect for they.

A crazy couple that went in the water just before the reception!


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