7 March 2018

Wedding in Portovenere by boat

Wedding in Portovenere by boat

Lot of times I take pictures at a wedding in Portovenere, but this service has something particular: it was taken from the sea.
Indeed, my couple has a boat and they wanted to celebrate their love on it. We really had good luck, because the weather was by our side with an amazing sunny day with a perfect wind which allowed us to sail fast on the waves.

Seeing Portovenere from the sea is always exciting, the cliff with St. Peter church seemed to be a bow wich came in the sea. We already talked about how we take the most famouse photo of this service in a article on our blog.
But this photo was not the only particular one we took that day; under the sea everything has a shape, the reflextions mix with the shadows and unreal images comes up, they’re almost abstract arts. We dedicate some underwater black and white photos to this particular thing, something where the human shapes mix up and create some visions.

For the rest of the service, we used a powerful telephoto lens and we just let the natural love of Antonella and Joe to come up.
Also in this case, as always in a wedding in Portovenere, the scenary plays an important role and allowed us to realize great images.




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