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Lucca is a small jewel located between the Tuscan hills, with its cobbled streets, the fortresses and the awesome walls that preserve the charm of this medieval village.



Its timeless beauty is the reason why so many brides and grooms want to celebrate their wedding in Lucca.



The other villages around the city offer glimpses of rare beauty in which to set the wedding photo shooting. Also, it is easy to find several wedding venues in Lucca such as villas and hotels surrounded by the vivid colors of the Tuscan hills such as Villa Bernardini and Villa Grabau. They are two of the most famous Lucca wedding venues we have had the pleasure to visit and they are both equipped with luxuriant gardens, halls and rooms finely furnished and decorated. 





Let’s find out more about the most beautiful stories by Alessandro Colle,  wedding photographer in Lucca.

In the amazing frame of Villa Grabau in Lucca, they celebrated a Jewish wedding. It was the first time I did a Jewish wedding, a very ancient ritual which narrates the history of this community. We started narrating about the Ketubah (כְּתוּבָּה), the traditional wedding...

Between its hills, Lucca hides ancient villas, some of them are well-known, others are incredible surprises. Little pearls which suddenly appear after a curve. One of them is Villa Baldaccini. Non-usual destination for weddings, it as a beautiful discovery, thanks to Martina and Marcello....

When Laura arrived in our studio, she was still planning her wedding, she didn't choose anything, only the date. In the next meetings we had, I started to discover how many attention she was giving to her wedding, choosing carefully every single detail, helped by...