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Honeymoon in Venice Italy Wedding Photographer

Honeymoon in Venice

Honeymoon in Venice

Behind this service there is something I really missed from long time: the smile.

I found it thanks to a crazy couple and a serie of new photographic tecniques I tries with a new assistant.

I called into question my photography from a long time, I was looking for something more, or maybe for something different. I thought at my tecnique, I removed what I didn’t like anymore and I powered what I saw more insteresting.

I used for the first time the equipments and tecniques I’m going to use for the 2018 season, it was the general rehearsal of a new way of shooting which we’re going to introduce in the next season.

We used new lights, new cameras and new lenses; so we’re waiting what you think about this photos.

We decided to start taking photos in the night, an almost invisible light which lightened our couple, the magic of Venice was around us.

Few seconds and from the Hotel Danieli we were in Piazza San Marco, our step resounded agains the big cathedral’s walls. This is not the first time we had the luck to see the sunrise in this location, you can see all of our services at this link.

But Venice during the sunrise was not the only magic during the day. My clients asked for a photographic session in the amazing corner of the Hotel Danieli in Venice. The hotel is always amazing and with a helpful and kind staff. After a hour of shooting between the medieval walls, we moved to Piazza San Marco.

But here the water took us by surprise.

I dreamed about it, I always imagined it. Venice with the high water. But while the tourists ran on the boardwalks, we crossed the square. We took shoes and socks off and ran in the water, like kids.

This service is innovative, a very particular honeymoon in Venice, out-of-the-schemes and not the classical wedding photography.

Make-up by Giulia Cresci