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Honeymoon at San Galgano

Sabrina and Francesco – Honeymoon at San Galgano

The San Galgano Abbey is surely one of the icons of the Tuscan landscape. This is a very good solution for a photography service in Tuscany that we could call a Honeymoon in San Galgano.

Based near Siena, the Abbey is a big building without the roof: a 1200 Abbey fallen in destruction during the centuries.

It has a very good turistic success thanks to the photographic documentation of the Alinari brothers from Florence, the wellknown photographer that contributed to the diffusion of the Tuscany images around the world.

I took pictures lot of times in this location, especially when the landscape photography was my favorite genre, but I had never had the occasion to take pictures to a couple in this place.

The occasion is arrived with Sabrina and Francesco’s Honeymoon service, who wanted to narrate their love story between the gothic walls of this construction.

Sadly, the weather was not so good and when we arrived it rained a lot. In these cases, it’s very important not to go mad and try to find a way to get a good service.

A professionist is payed to get a god service not only in the perfect conditions, but also in all the weather conditions.

We chose to narrate this service with a dramatic tone, as the weather suggested. A strong style for this Honeymoon in San Galgano.