6 novembre 2016

Crazy Wedding on Villa Balbianello

Crazy Wedding Villa Balbianello

A Crazy Wedding Villa Balbianello, with a with a fantastic couple from NYC.

Hard to forget this July 22, a rainy day in summer.

From the windows of Hotel Villa Serbelloni, in Bellagio are seen the Villa del Balbianello.

But no this day, the lake was gray and stormy.

All the staff advised the bride to the opportunity to change the location of the wedding.

But Annijamila is a strong woman and she decided to celebrate the wedding in the Balbianello, in the center of the storm.

During the ceremony and after, the peninsula of villa Balbianello was beaten by a strong wind.

One of the pictures of the veil during the wedding won the first place in the professional contest AG – WPJA (wedding photojournalist association).

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