25 settembre 2016

Wedding at Bambaissa – Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi has a charm that never fades: between the pinewood and the smell of the sea, big history of our Country crossed each others.

When I go through its streets with the bike, I always go in front of the Augustus Hotel, ex-villa of the most famous Italian family: the Agnelli.

I think about that damned Tuscan of Curzio, standing with the fluttered jacket waiting for Virginia outside the fence. I think about the old and sulky Senator about that scandalous story.

But today those characters were far beyond here and the stories we’re narrating now are more sentimental, such as Tamara and Gianluca’s.

Our married couple met in London and decided to celebrate their wedding on the Tuscan coast.

The wedding on the beach was celebrated by the Mayor of Forte dei Marmi, Umberto Buratti, the real protagonist of the ceremony.

For her make-up, Tamara chose My Wedding Mirror

Both for the ceremony and the party, the exclusive location was the Bambaissa, the beach restaurant of the Augustus Hotel. This solution let the couple not to go too far from their guests, but to stay near the party for the post-ceremony photos.

The flower arrangement was by Andrea Lazzini: the wedding flower was the peony, both matched with the bride bouquet and the small bridesmaids’ bouquets.

The bride wore a dress by London Bride Couture.

Photographies by Serena Rossi.



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