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Matrimonio Lucca Wedding 49

Matrimonio a Lucca

When Laura arrived in our studio, she was still planning her wedding, she didn’t choose anything, only the date.

In the next meetings we had, I started to discover how many attention she was giving to her wedding, choosing carefully every single detail, helped by the great Paola Bruno from Perfect Party.

Also the choice of the church was particular: indeed, she chose the thousand-year old walls of the San Leonardo church, on the Frigido. In this church, the Americans removed the doors and shown at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

San Leonardo is a small church with a Romantic style, bare and raw. For this reason, Marco Angelotti created soft compositions to create a smart atmosphere, but still delicate and moderate.

After a quick reportate in the Lucca streets, the couple moved to the amazing Villa Oliva, and they partied in its limonia.

Make-up: Istituto di bellezza Genesi
Bride’s hair: Paola Alberti
Bridal dress: Atelier Bianchini
Post-production: Serena Rossi

Thanks to my collegue Damiano for the collaboration for this work.