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who I am


My name is Alessandro Colle, and I am a wedding photographer based in Lucca, Tuscany.


My love for photography was born out of my interest in art and creativity, and I decided to turn this passion into a profession.


Today, my studio, Collephoto, is a structured reality capable of offering its clients solutions in the field of photography and video.

Our vision 


We specialize in wedding photography, which has given us the opportunity to capture the most important moments of people’s lives, creating lasting memories for them and future generations.


Our photographic style is characterized by attention to detail and light, which makes each image unique and special. We are always looking for new ways to capture the emotions and beauty of the wedding day, using the latest techniques and technologies.


During the wedding day, my main goal is to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere, putting the bride and groom and their guests at ease. I like to capture spontaneous and natural moments, creating a photographic story of the day that is authentic and sincere.


Thanks to our in-house production, we are able to create high-quality fine art albums. The end result is a product of excellence that preserves the memories of a lifetime.

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Three Reasons to Choose a Photographer from Lucca for Your Local Photography Service


Choosing an Italian photographer, particularly from Lucca, for your local photography service can offer significant advanta

ges. Here are three key reasons why this choice might be the best for you:


  1. Knowledge of the Locations and Their Best Views: A local photographer will have an in-depth understanding of the most picturesque and scenic locations in the area. Whether it’s within historic villas or characteristic villages, a photographer from Lucca will know exactly where to find the most enchanting angles and the most suggestive frames to capture unforgettable moments. Familiarity with the territory enables them to obtain unique and authentic images that capture the essence and beauty of the place.

  2. Fluent Language Skills and Efficient Coordination: Communication is essential during an event like a wedding, where various vendors need to work together to ensure its success. A photographer from Lucca, being a native Italian speaker, will have a perfect understanding of the local language to coordinate seamlessly with other professionals involved in the wedding. This facilitates the planning and execution of the event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and without any issues.

  3. Compliance with Tax Laws and Adequate Insurance: Ensuring that all vendors comply with the tax laws of the country is crucial to avoid any legal complications. An Italian photographer from Lucca will be fully compliant with the national tax laws, offering peace of mind and security to clients. Additionally, many venues chosen for events like weddings require vendors to be covered by liability insurance. Italian professional operators can provide this insurance, which is essential to ensure access to desired locations and to protect you and your guests from any unforeseen events during the event. A foreign photographer might have insurance, but it’s likely not accepted by venues and cannot be temporarily arranged for professionals in Italy.

In conclusion, opting for an Italian photographer, especially from Lucca, for your local photography service offers numerous advantages, including in-depth knowledge of locations, efficient communication, and compliance with tax and insurance regulations of the country. This choice not only ensures the quality of captured images but also contributes to ensuring that the entire event proceeds smoothly and with maximum tranquility.

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Do you want to discover a wedding in one of the villas of Lucca region?


If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Lucca, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am happy to discuss your photographic needs and create an unforgettable experience together for your wedding day.


Alessandro Colle

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