Our work won several International contests both in the wedding world and in the fashion world.
Our photographies are also used in for advertising, for illustrated books, fashion catalogues, commercial flyers and tourist guides.
Some of our works were published on international publications, such as Le Figaro, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Gazzetta dello Sport.



From the wedding in villa, to the wedding on the beach, from a ceremony between the fortresses of an ancient town, to the suggestion of a celebration on the boat. In this space we show you our couples’ stories, the locations they get merried, and we give you a serie of advices to organize your wedding in the best way: from the locations, to the photographic styles to let your wedding become unique.

  • Sul nuovo sito non poteva mancare lo shooting di Atelier Emé. E' stata una grande soddisfazione vedere i nostri scatti pubblicati dalla pagina del prestigioso marchio e questo è un merito che voglio ...

  • What about that day is going to rain? So many times in my studio I heard this question, lot of couples worried about the weather for a wedding in May or September... But Lorna and Benn chose August,...

  • Alice and Daniele chose a wedding on the beach at Costa dei Barbari, in Viareggio. So a wedding on the beach for a couple full of energy and so in love. It could be to take photos to couples who are ...