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Wedding Photography FAQ

In this Wedding Photography FAQ you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about marriage, from the classic questions to ask the photographer about prices, time and style of the photo shoot, to the more specific and detailed questions regarding the managing of the shooting on the marriage day.



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How do you describe your style?

My style adapts to that of the couple. I prefer a spontaneous approach but I can make posed photographs too,  if it is necessary or if the couple prefers so.

Why don't you make a wedding by yourself?

We tell the story from both points of view, of the groom and the bride. Furthermore, having two operators allows us to have more shots and make the album much more dynamic.

How many machines does each photographer have?

Always and at least two machines, if one gets stuck we don’t waste time and use the other one.

How many photos do you put on the album?

The layout of our albums is created on the specific needs of the customer, so you can have a style with more photos per page or with fewer but larger images. The price of the albums is calculated on the number of pages and it does not depend on the number of photos.

Is it possible to buy only the photo shoot?

Yes, it is possibile.

How long are delivery times?

From three to four months. Different deadlines can be fixed according to customers’ need. In any case, the time is stipulated in the contract.

Do you work only in Tuscany?

No, we love to travel and our weddings took us from London to Puglia to Krakow.

Do you have time limits or number of photos taken?

Our services always include our presence from the preparation of the spouses to the dances / cutting of the cake. There are no limits.

Can I print my photos by myself?

Yes, you can buy the files so that you can freely print your files wherever you prefer.

What if we wanted a video?

Collephoto offers an internal video service, with a cinematographic style shot made entirely with reflex machine. A partnership service is also active with other videomakers for services with drones or trailers in the hall.

How many operators will take part in my service?

Always 2 photographers, at least.

How many photos do you will give me?

We will provide you with more than 2000 files: all the shots taken during the day plus a series of post-produced photos.

How often do you renew your equipment?

Every two years, because the new machines generally allow to do new things that we like to introduce in our services. The machines are then full of mechanical parts subjected to wear, having them new every two years prevents us a lot of troubles.

Do you take pictures with relatives and families?

Of course, even the classic ones, but it is more fun to joke and create more witty groups.

Is it possible to print my album?

Of course, we have a wide range of photo books and traditional albums you can choose.

Are you a full-time professional photographer?

Of course, the study is made up of four full-time professional photographers.

What are your prices?

Each wedding has special needs and this is the reason why we prefer to create tailored quotes. However, our prices are in line with market prices.

Will the photos be professionally post produced?

We select about 120/130 photos for each wedding which then we post-produce. The post-production of our services is coordinated by Serena which is certified by Adobe, the house that produces Photoshop.

Do you just take wedding pictures?

We also work for other markets outside the wedding season. Our photos have been used in advertising by companies such as: Costa Crociere, Lonely Planet, Decathlon, Gazzetta dello Sport.
We are also active in the field of photography of children with the Beautiful Kids brand.

Are you registered with an association of Professional Photographers?

Yes, I am a member of all the major associations and I have won several awards in their contests. Choosing a photographer who is a member of several associations guarantees that the professional has already been selected by other colleagues who certify his or her skills.