The best wedding locations in Versilia |

The best wedding locations in Versilia



We present a selection of wedding locations in Versilia that we believe have something special for a wedding. Versilia is one of the most romantic and charming destinations in Italy, with its golden beaches, historic villas, gourmet restaurants, and culture of good living.


Here, the options for celebrating your wedding are endless: from the luxury of eighteenth-century villas to simple beach ceremonies, from the sophistication of Michelin-starred restaurants to disco parties, from tradition to modernity. Versilia is the part of Tuscany that lies between Marina di Massa and Viareggio, or rather, to refer to an ancient map, the land between the two lakes.


According to the ancient map, the two lakes would be to the south, that of Massaciuccoli, and to the north, the Lake of Porta, now reduced to a small pond. Therefore, the following municipalities are included: Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza, Stazzema, Viareggio, Camaiore.


But if we have already written about where weddings can be held in Forte dei Marmi, we have decided to present five original locations for a wedding in Versilia, in addition to Forte.

If you are looking for the right inspiration for your wedding in Versilia, you are in the right place!

wedding pietrasanta chiostro



The Cloister of Sant’Agostino is located in the center of Pietrasanta and has the peculiarity of being, unlike the others in this article, the only one far from the water, both Lake and Sea. The cloister is located a few steps from the Duomo of Pietrasanta and is also the seat of the Bozzetti Museum, and in the same complex, the city library is also housed. But the most interesting part for a wedding is undoubtedly the peristyle of marble columns where guests’ tables can be accommodated. When I have the opportunity to bring a couple to this place, perhaps a foreign one, they are always enchanted to find a place where time seems to have stopped in the sixteenth century. Among the frescoes that tell us about the life of St. Augustine by Astolfo Petrazzi of Siena, it is possible to organize dinner using the central space, perhaps for cutting the cake or dancing, as in this wedding. If you want to organize a wedding in Versilia that goes beyond the classic image of the sea and beaches but is elegant and in a timeless place, the Cloister is the right place for your event.

wedding versilia



Everyone knows Briatore and Santanchè’s venue, the place of luxury and wild nights, but few know that it can also be converted into a wedding venue. You can celebrate a wedding on its beach, in the shade of its iconic giraffes, but also in the discretion of an environment accustomed to preserving privacy.

wedding in Versilia



I’m not sure if Puccini actually played the piano located in the Villa, but it’s easy for me to imagine the convivial atmosphere that could have existed among friends after a hunting trip.


A villa that seems to be taken from Lake Como, with a dock for boats and a tree-lined avenue. It’s a truly unique and elegant place that, when managed by a skilled wedding planner, becomes a place halfway between a fairy tale and reality.


Perhaps more suitable for the summer period in order to take advantage of the wonderful space on the lake, it’s also possible to have a plan B with an existing structure, although in case of rain, I would suggest a Crystal lake view (it’s still possible to add it).


If you want to see a wedding that took place here, follow this link.

bagno roma



Bagno Roma is a sophisticated and elegant setting for an aperitif, but it’s also an incredible location for a wedding. The spaces revolve around the large pool, which is nestled among the cabins. You can choose between an indoor solution, perhaps in case of bad weather, or a solution on the sand. You’ll be enchanted by the colorful cabins that recall the Versilia of the 60s and by the attention to detail made of pieces of wood brought by the storms.

principe piemonte viareggio



This is a place that’s dear to my heart. When I worked with corporate events in my previous life, I always worked with this location. I’ve always loved its spectacular terrace on the sea from the 5th floor.


A 360-degree panorama that ranges from Viareggio to La Spezia. A place that will leave your guests breathless for the aperitif. Speaking of chefs, it’s obligatory to remember that this is the realm of Giuseppe Mancino, a 2 Michelin star chef.


Giuseppe passionately follows the wedding sector, so much so that there’s talk of “wedding by Mancino,” and I must say that his Neapolitan origin gives him a particular sensitivity for this sector. The structure is full of indoor solutions in case of plan B, but certainly, the environment of the Butterfly room is very intimate and well soundproofed for the cake cutting and dancing.