10 Reasons to choose a destination photographer for a wedding in Italy |

10 Reasons to choose a destination photographer for a wedding in Italy

10 Reasons to choose a destination photographer for a wedding in Italy 


If you are planning a wedding in Italy, you may be unsure whether to hire a destination photographer (or videographer) or choose a foreign photographer to come to Italy and capture your wedding. Often, the fears associated with choosing an Italian photographer are related to possible delivery difficulties or the fear of language barriers.

However, it should be noted that major Italian studios regularly work with foreign clients and deliver their work through dedicated cloud platforms that also allow for purchasing aftermarket products such as albums.

There are many foreign photographers who wish to photograph weddings in Italy because they hope to enhance their portfolio with photos of the beauty of our country.

Certainly, both choices have advantages and disadvantages, but there are several reasons that favor choosing an Italian photographer to capture the most important moments of a special day.

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matrimonio costiera amalfitana


A destination photographer in Italy will have a deep understanding of Italian culture and the specific location where the wedding will take place. Knowing the customs and traditions of a region allows them to focus on the unique aspects of that context. This enables them to create images that fully reflect the beauty and atmosphere of the place. Additionally, it allows them to interact effectively with the locals and achieve the best results for their clients.


A destination photographer in Italy have extensive experience in documenting weddings in Italy. They are familiar with local traditions, key moments, and unique nuances that characterize an Italian wedding. This experience translates into a professional, reliable, and detail-oriented service.


An Italian photographer has a better understanding of the location and what can be leveraged nearby to create unique and unforgettable images. They have likely visited the surroundings of the venue many times and will be able to navigate with confidence in case of unexpected situations, such as finding an alternative plan for bad weather conditions. Moreover, they may propose a lesser-known angle to capture unique and unconventional photos. Knowing a place often comes from experiences outside of a wedding or a service, perhaps having visited it leisurely on a motorcycle ride or during an afternoon with family, envisioning how to use it for a shoot. A simple site visit is not enough to have a good understanding of a photography location.


Nowadays, most photographers cater to an international market, so it is not difficult to find a photography studio with staff who speak the main languages. However, their perfect knowledge of Italian allows them to communicate effectively with other wedding vendors, such as catering or the DJ. It is easy to find an Italian photographer who understands you in English, but how many foreign photographers do you know who speak Italian?

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A photographer who operates in a specific territory builds relationships with other vendors. This can be extremely advantageous for the couple, as they can receive recommendations for other reliable professionals, such as wedding planners, venues, and related service providers.



A photo shoot (and even more so, a video) becomes captivating with shots taken from a drone. Flying a drone in Italy requires compliance with regulations and no-fly areas established by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the regulations of the European Community. It also requires valid insurance coverage in Italian territory and registration of the equipment in the European database. Additionally, there are often local permits to be paid for capturing footage in particular areas. Violating these rules can result in the seizure of the footage or, if caught, the seizure of the equipment, and one can even risk arrest. Italian photographers are highly knowledgeable about flight regulations and, by working in these areas, they have special permits to fly over restricted zones or can obtain them because they are registered in national databases.



Labor legislation in Italy requires non-EU Italian professionals to submit an application for a temporary work permit. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in various sanctions, including immediate repatriation, as well as fines for tax-related issues. Italian photographers pay taxes in their own country and are in compliance with work permits.

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Living in a specific region leads to a better understanding of the movements of light and changes in climate throughout the seasons. Imagine a photographer who knows the Dolomites but cannot tell you when the snow arrives or the best time to shoot in a valley. Simply looking it up on Google won’t provide the exact sunset time at that latitude; perhaps in the mountains, the shadow cone arrives an hour earlier. A local photographer will always take you to the best spot with the best light at any time of the day because they are familiar with the shooting locations.



Having their own studio and equipment enables a photographer to operate with greater confidence. When embarking on a photography trip (and I’ve done many in every corner of the world), compromises must always be made regarding the equipment that can be brought along. Having a studio nearby allows for the delivery of any necessary items when needed, not to mention the availability of backup equipment in case something stops working.



As mentioned earlier, there may be a need for additional equipment or backup, but what about the personnel who will assist the photographer or the photographer themselves? A reliable studio always has people ready to replace a photographer in case of sudden unavailability. They may also have a staff capable of being flexible to better meet your needs, and you won’t have to pay for their flights and accommodations either.