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Como Lake

Wedding photographer Lake Como

Smart, romantic, sophisticated. The atmosphere of the Como Lake is magic. Manzoni knew it very well and framed its beauty forever with one of the most famous incipit of the Italian Literature: “Quel ramo del lago di Como che volge a mezzogiorno tra due catene non interrotte dai monti…”. Also George Clooney got his house on the west part of the Lake, which became a good destination for lot of Hollywood VIPs. In 2014 the Como Lake was recognised the most beautiful lake in the whole world. Celebrating a wedding on the Como Lake will be a very romantic experience.



Alessandro Colle is an estimated wedding photographer on the Lake Como and he guarantees unique photos and unforgettable services. The presence of Villas and historical houses, luxury hotels on the river’s lake, ancient castles, make the Como Lake on of the favorite luxury destinations for couples who comes from all over the world. The temperate weather, the geographical position near Milan, make the Como Lake a competitive location, very desired for lot of couples. Villa Olmo, Villa del Balbianello, Villa d’Este, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Gran Hotel Villa Serbelloni, these are just some of the beautiful wedding locations for who wants to swear eternal love on the rivers of this charming Lake. The photographer Alessandro Colle on the Como Lake will know how to catch the poetry of your wedding day.



If you are looking for wedding photographer Lake Como who is, able to capture the poetry of your most beautiful day, then Alessandro Colle and his team are the right choice.

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