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Editorial Wedding at Villa Miani – Roma

Editorial Wedding in Villa Miani – Roma  


If you dream of a fairytale wedding, surrounded by the grandeur of an ancient Roman villa, you’re in the right place. Villa Miani, located on the hills of Rome, offers a sensation of having the Eternal City at your feet upon arrival. The view spans from the Colosseum to the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.


It’s an extraordinary location that provides the perfect setting for an editorial-style wedding. Shooting here feels like being on the set of Vogue. We’ve been fortunate to shoot here often, but one wedding, in particular, stood out.

A Destination Wedding in Rome

Dani and Ben, originally from London, chose to fulfill their love dream in Rome, seeking an exclusive venue and a sun-filled day. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to this wedding, and we had to work through strong winds and some unexpected rain.

Villa Miani: The Dream of a Perfect Wedding

Located atop Monte Mario, Villa Miani is one of the most prestigious and panoramic venues in Rome. Its terraces offer breathtaking views of the Eternal City. The villa itself is an architectural masterpiece, surrounded by lush gardens and elegant fountains. There’s no better place for a wedding where elegance and beauty are at the core of everything.
A romantic Bride in an editorial pose - editorial wedding in villa miani Roma
A romantic Bride on the steps in an editorial pose in a editorial wedding in Roma - Italy

What is an Editorial Wedding

An editorial-style wedding refers to a photographic approach aimed at capturing glamorous photos. It’s different from a simple reportage where the goal is to capture the moment. In an editorial-style wedding, the couple agrees not only to have a documentary and spontaneous approach but also to set aside some parts of the service for posed and constructed photos. The advantages of this approach include having more Instagram-worthy photos suitable for a strong social media impact. Often in this type of service, various lighting techniques can be used to create real sets.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place outdoors on a terrace overlooking the city of Rome. Guests were surrounded by floral decoration that seemed to come straight from a dream. The couple celebrated their union between two large terracotta cups in front of the grandeur of the dome.

The Reception

The reception was held in the sumptuous interior rooms of Villa Miani. The atmosphere resembled a royal banquet, with tables adorned with candles, golden candleholders, and linen tablecloths. One of the rooms even transformed into a disco for dancing

In Conclusion

Villa Miani is the perfect place if you want to celebrate and photograph a wedding in an editorial style. The combination of a close-knit couple and a stunning location created a truly enjoyable situation for photography.

If you’re planning your wedding and dream of a similar experience, Villa Miani in Rome is definitely a location to consider. The beauty and elegance of this place are perfect for creating indelible memories in an editorial-style wedding. Whether it’s a fairytale wedding or an intimate event, Villa Miani offers the perfect stage to bring your dreams to life.

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Photographer: Alessandro Colle Martina Brui – Silvia Cappelletto

Wedding Planner: Stefania Zen 

Venue: Villa Miani

Mua: Fabio Marra