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Honeymoon in Porto Venere - Wedding Photographer Cinque Terre

Debora and Michele – Honeymoon in Porto Venere

Photography service in Porto Venere


Porto Venere is one of the most beautiful location for a wedding photography service.
For this reason, Debora and Michele chose to realize their honeymoon service here.

A post-wedding service which narrate their love, a serie of couple photos which could be done without the hurry of the wedding service.
These guys already took a service on the beach, in a Tuscany location, but the sea has a charm you cannot escape from.

There are lot of frames which make an unique service in Porto Venere, so in this day we decided to look for the most beautiful ones.
This is a service done against the time, because of the little time we had at the sunset hour and because of all of the amazing views I wanted to use.

In this service you can see Porto Venere and some of its most interesting locations: from the San Pietro Church on the sea, to the ancient mills near the Castel.
I think that for some reasons, this is the best Porto Venere service of the 2017, a service full of interesting and particular photos.

The photos are shot bot with Canon and Nikon, in particular the 70-200 Canon.