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Wedding in Portovenere Cinque Terre Italy

Enrico and Giancarla – Wedding in Portovenere – Moor Restaurant

Wedding in Portovenere

Crazy Wedding between Portovenere and Moor Restaurant in Amelia

A Wedding in Portovenere is lot of couples’ dream; today I’m going to tell you about this service that I think it’s one of the most charming services of my photography life. But, in a location such as Portovenere and the Palmaria Isle, it’s easy to create suggestive images.

In the past Winter, we had a problem on our website and because of it, we lost lot of published weddings. Between these, also this wedding in Portovenere got lost but I really want to let you see it because of the crazy mood of this party and its amazing location.

Enrico and Giancarla’s story is the story of lot of guys who fell in love with the magical Portovenere and decided to come here to celebrate their wedding.

San Pietro Church on the rocks, the sound of the sea like a soundtrack music to say “yes”.

But what’s really unique in this wedding is the cheerfulness of the couple’s friends, a group of wilde guys from the Romagna.

For the party, they chose a very particular restaurant, the Moor: this restaurant has a little pier for the boats and you can arrive by the sea. Exactly on the sea, the couple decided to do the photographic part of the post-ceremony service with a tour on the boat around the Portovenere rock. A suggestive situation where the blue sky mixes with the white veil of the bride creating high contrast and impact images.

But Portovenere is not a place where taking pictures is so easy: it can happen, on the sea, that you’re not so lucky with the wheater. You can find a wedding on a lake without the sun here.

This wedding gave me lot of satisfactions with the contests: the groom’s picture with the champagne won the first prize in the Party category in the international AGWPJA contest.