Elopement at Lake Braies.


I have often been asked if I have ever thought I wouldn’t be able to shoot a session. The story of this Elopement at Lake Braies is the story of a session where everything went completely opposite to how we had planned.


The weather


We had set out to photograph autumn at Lake Braies, but a huge out-of-season snowfall caught us by surprise at the hotel. We had two options, to give up and look for a plan B or to challenge a completely different situation. We chose to challenge it.


The Camera


This entire shoot was captured on film using a 1975 Hasselblad 500 cm camera with Fuji 400 H film. A fall just outside the hotel nearly ruined everything when I fell onto the camera. But fortunately, the Swedish steel held up to the impact.


When shooting in freezing conditions, it’s important to consider the couple, as they aren’t covered like you are, so the time they can spend shooting is limited.


The Lake 


Francesca and Marco managed to move well despite the cold and celebrated their love on the frozen lake.


To commemorate the occasion, we set up a small buffet on the wooden table along the lake promenade.


Lake Braies offers a unique setting. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find it without the throngs of tourists who visit daily. To capture a service where the couple truly stands out, it’s crucial to choose a specific time of day, such as dawn or a truly cold day



elopement braies lake
elopement braies lake