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Wedding in Forte dei Marmi at Bagno Annetta

Flaminia and Pierandrea – Wedding in Forte dei Marmi – Bagno Annetta

The Libeccio is coming here in Versilia, lifeguards close the cabines with wood boards to defend them from the salty sea. On the beaches no more full of tourists, you can only see some fisherman.

Just some months ago the beaches were full of life and beach resorts in Forte dei Marmi were full o people in holiday.

But the same beach resorts are also a perfect location for a Wedding in Forte dei Marmi.

In this service, you can see the beach resort Annetta, one of the most famous resort in Forte dei Marmi.

Here, where you can meet VIP, Flaminia and Pierandrea chose to celebrate their wedding. The ceremony was taken in Sant’Ermete church, in the heart of Forte dei Marmi.

For the photographies, we chose the beach in front of the beach resort Annetta; this solution allowed us not to move too far the couple from the reception.

To narrate this story, I used only two lenses: 14/24 and 50mm. This permitted to have a friendly distance from the married couple, without violate their space and take their spontaneity away.

The wedding on Forte dei Marmi beach is always touching, even more thanks to the kindness and the friendliess of Flaminia and Pierandrea.

Hair Stylist: Fabrizio Rezzani – Massa

Make up: Michele – Verona

Florist: Andrea Lazzini – Massa

Location: Bagno Annetta – Forte dei Marmi

Video: Collephoto

Wedding Planner: Fabrizia