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Francesca and Luca – Honeymoon Cinque Terre

Honeymoon Cinque Terre

Francesca and Luca decided to narrate their love story in a Honeymoon service at Cinque Terre.
The Liguria coast hides lot of coves, some of them almost unknown at turists. Between the most beautifu, there is surely the Caletta in Lerici. It’s a small gorgeous gulf, you can arrive there by a little path invisible from the street.
Here, Francesca and Luca decidedd to take the photos, few days ago their wedding day.
The magical light of the sunset allows to create a surreal atmosphere, very similar at a Thailandia views and not at an Italian beach.
We also realized lot of other Honeymoon services in several parts of Italy and also abroad; you can see our services in London or Venice, but also in New York or Florence.
Every time is a great challenge, we narrate the love a couple has, everytime in a different location.
Catching the beauty of a place, getting hit by the light of the couple’s love is a challenge which keep the souls together in my photography: on a side, the landscapes photographer, on the other side the wedding photographer.
This service’s pictures are taken in a spontaneous way, without forced poses, catching the spontaneity of the gestures of the subjects.