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Wedding at Villa Grabau Wedding Photography

Helen and Jared – Wedding at Villa Grabau

Wedding at Villa Grabau

This wedding story comes from far away: Helen and Jared are two Californian guys.

In the amazing frame of Villa Grabau in Lucca, they celebrated a Jewish wedding.
It was the first time I did a Jewish wedding, a very ancient ritual which narrates the history of this community. We started narrating about the Ketubah (כְּתוּבָּה), the traditional wedding contract which the couple signed to remember to the groom the duties he has beside the bride.
In the next step, the groom gives to the bride the ring. This step is called Erusin/Kiddushin.
After thie step in the House of the Oranges at Villa Grabau, we moved to the little theatre of the “verzure” where the chuppah was set. The Chuppah is a canopy which reminds to the Israel temple.
Here, the rabbi celebrated the ritual after the traditional turns of the couple.

Villa Grabau is a perfect set for the wedding photographers, the big park allowed us to create spontaneous group photos without posed ones with a soft light which filtered from the trees leaves.

Then, the party continued in the garden of the Villa for the apetizer and in the Limonaia for the dinner.

The perfect organization of this Wedding at Villa Grabau was cured by Luccaorganizza – Wedding planner in Tuscany.


This service photographers were: Alessandro Colle & Martina Brui.

Post-production by: Serena Rossi