Marianna and Mirko - Wedding at Pieve Valdicastello | COLLE Photography




Marianna and Mirko surely love the beautiful things. For their wedding, they cured every single detail, choosing amazing locations.

Their story began at B&B Il Cuore, in che centre of Massa. This little corner of paradise doesn’t need any presentation: through the years, the touch od Daniela Raggi created a magical atmosphere. Entering the main door, it seems that you’re entering a Provenza corner, its Shabby Chic style it’s perfect for a bride who wants to get ready in a dreamy atmosphere.

Left the B&B Il Cuore, we moved to the most beautiful church in Versilia, the Pieve of Valdicastello, near Pietrasanta. The Santi Giovanni e Falicita Pieve’s been overlooking the valley for 900 years; how many weddings were celebrated there? How many couples said their “yes” inside those walls?

The light of this church is always perfect, soft and hot, doesn’t need any kind of lamps to take great pictures; this permits to preserve the natural colours of the location. Its walls of tufo reflect the light creating a hot natural effect.

The location Marianna and Mirko chose for the after-ceremony is a castle: the medieval Malaspina Castle in Fosdinovo. This is the right choice because Marianna is a Princess, after all 🙂 And surely Mirko can be her knight.

While we’re using the sunset light to narrate this lovely fairytale about a knight and his princess, their friends waited on them in the garden of the Castellana restaurant.

The party keep going on till late night on the swimmingpool and the birth of the new family was greeted by amazing fireworks on the Versilia.

For the service, we chose an original Portovenere, only using 2 lenses: a bright telephoto and a very short wide-angle lens (both on Fuji XT1). This was one of my last services with this small mirrorless camera, that I left for Sony; but seeing its pictures again, I will always think of its softness, like it’s an old camera with film.

HairStyle: Cristina Gori