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Wedding on Lake Como

Melanie and Edward – Wedding on Lake Como

Wedding on Lake Como

Melanie and Edward chose to celebrate their wedding on the Lake Como, one of the most beautiful locations in Italy. A wedding on Lake Como is always spectacular: the beautiful villas, the colours of their gardens, the magic of the reflections on the lake, a unique and unequaled feeling both for the couple and for the photographers.

For the preparation, the couple chose a beautiful location: Palazzo del Vicere. From the bedroom windows, you could see the magnificence of the lake and, at its centre, the beautiful Villa del Balbianello, venue of the ceremony.

The hair stylist of this wedding is Valentina Riva, makeup and was by Federica Riva.

Villa del Balbianello is one of the most famous location for a wedding on Como Lake, its beauty made her famous in the world and was also the location for some famous movie as Casino Royale (James Bond) and Star Wars.

Melanie crossed the lake with a beautiful wooden boat and reached the Villa del Balbianello where expecting her love. The powerful voice of the celebrant has been topped their love in front of friends.

For photos with friends, we chose an original location: the boat that took us across the lake, we created funny and original photos! The friends of the couple were really nice!

The elegant dinner was celebrated in the Palazzo del Vicerè where the talented wedding planner Aurora Fallini has created a dreamy atmosphere with flowers and candles.

After the cake cutting, the newlyweds and their friends continued their wedding dancing until late in colored lights and disco music.

Photo of this wedding by: Alessandro Colle & Serena Rossi

Video of this Wedding on Lake Como by: Damiano Mariotti