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Samantha and Jesse – Wedding on Como Lake

Wedding on Como Lake

Samantha and Jesse chose to celebrate their wedding on the Como Lake. A wedding on the Como Lake, celebrated in the amazing location of Villa del Balbianello. A dream wedding on the most famous Italian Lake, with such a beautiful scenary that they used it as a Star Wars movie set.

We now have familiarity with weddings on the Como Lake, but I have to admit that everytime is a strong emotion. Villa del Balbianello became the dream for hundred of couple, the perfect location to celebrate a wedding. Surely, between the baroque arcs, the 1700 stucchi and the marvellous mosaics, the solennity of the ritual is biggest, especially with the sun lights reflected on the water.

The water is an important element in the Como wedding: indeed, the post-ceremony photographies are usually taken on the little boats we use to reach the location for the reception. In this case, we have the luck to have a boat pilot extremely crazy. The high speed we reached with the Riva, made us jump in the waves, with the risk of losing our couple. We jumped several times, crossing the family boat.

For the reception of this Como Lake Wedding, the couple chose a restaurant on the mountains, which reflect in the lake. A reception full of touching (and funny) friends’ speached and framed by an amazing sunset.

The perfect organization of this event was by Aurora Fallini, one of the best wedding planners on Como Lake.