Serena + Alessandro, matrimonio in casa Collephoto Studio

Serena + Alessandro

I think that the question is obvious: “Who take the pictures at your wedding?”

Hard to choose your wedding photographer especially when you’re a photograher, and so your wife. Our choice fell on two trustworthy people: Massimo and Fabio.

So, for a day, I’d moved from the other side of the lens. But, can a photographer not taking pictures at his wedding? I thought a lot; I spend lot of my weekends taking pictures at wedding and for me it’s the most natural thing on Earth. Could I not freeze my own bride? Obviously not, so I decided to be a wedding photographer too; so, in these pictures, you see me with a mirrorless at the neck.

A photography story with a very replaceble point of view, the groom’s point of view. To tell it with my wife’s words: “But you, serious… never?”

I think it’s not easy for a collegue to approach at a photographer’s wedding, because the eye which sees and judges the final work is a professionist’s eye with his style and taste. So, a very thank you to Fabio and Massimo who took the pain to shoot.

If anyone knows our studio, you can ask about Damiano and why he was not fighting this battle; so, if you see the pictures, you can find him beside me as my best man. Indeed, Damiano is a pillar of our studio and also one of my best friend or, as I like to call him, my adopted little brother.

Above my team, also two big professionists and friends from the Salento payed an homage to us taking some pictures: Armando and Pio Cerzosimo, this one has finally try a Nikon for the first time.

Our wedding starts with Serena’s preparation in the luxury Parker Hotel in Naples, a location with a breath-taking view on the city; during the preparation, Elena’s help was essential for the details of the precious Demetrios dress.

The church is the well-known Sant’Antonio a Posillipo, and the fitting was by Dream Wedding Italy, realised with Gypsophila and white hortensia. We chose for a minimal and rustic style, with pastel colours from the light-pink to the pink. The Dream Wedding Italy also took care at the Villa Cilento’s fitting and sweet table.

For the floreal part, we’d like to thank Roberto di Guida, who also did Serena’s bouquet.

For the composition of every table, I successfuly proposed an idea which is based on the “fil rouge” that keeps me and Serena together: the photography passion. Every table, indeed, had the name of a famous photographer – ours was Robert Capa – with some photographer’s photos.

The save-the-date tickets were by Wedding Stationery Boutique, and we replaced the party favors with a donation for an association in the work’s world.

The day after the wedding we narrated a different Naples from the one we get married in and we went in the city centre streets and took the trash the dress pictures in the Spaccanapoli and San Gregorio Armeno area.

A personal thank to our celebrate, Don Giovanni Locatelli, who followed us at Naples.

We’d also like to thank all the friends who helped us realizing this wedding: Piera, Gloria, Mimmo, Roberta, Michela. Thank you to my collegue Ruggiero Battipaglia to honour us of his presence and thank you to the ones who’d like to come, but they couldn’t.

I’d like to say that the video part was by Brainstorming.