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Serena and Vladimir – Wedding in Venice

Wedding in Venice

When we think of a romantic city, we think of Venice, with a magic done of calli and churches, with the farway echos of the 700’s and the Carnival’s splendour. When Serena and Vladimir asked me to find a location for some unforgettable photos of their wedding, I immediately thought of Venice.

The magic of a wedding in Venice starts with a gondola, between the slow water of the lagun you can slowly go in the silent canals and suddenly be in front of the marvellous Canal Grande.

Between the Ponte della Libertà and San Marco there are lot of beautiful location such as Ponte di Rialto or the palaces on the canal.

But when the night falls down, the photographies of a wedding in Venice become magical, with locations witch mix the blue sky with the gold lights. If you’re taking pictures at Ponte dei Sospiri or in Piazza San Marco, you can create timeless photos: a couple with Venice as background is not just a wedding photography, but it’s something more that becomes a photos that portraits the love.

Taking pictures at a wedding in Venice is not simple, it’s requires knowledge of the territory and of the light of the city; it’s easy to be in the shadow or under the sun in a few minutes. Tecnically, the night part is hard too: the blue hour is about 40 minutes and it requires a perfect coordination both for photos and video. You can obtain good results only if the wedding team is close and used to work together. For pictures like these, a small error can compromise the most suggestive pictures of the entire service.


For this service, the help of a team of collaborators and friends was essential: without them, we didn’t move quickly in the city.

A special thanks goes to:

  • Gloria Bacicalupi, our make-up artist
  • Croci, our driver
  • Claudia
  • Mimmo, the light technical
  • Serena, who cured the post-production
  • Damiano, who cured the video