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Simona and Antonio – Wedding in Apulia

Wedding in Apulia

This is not just a wedding story, this is the story of a strong friendship, the one that connects myself to the wedding planner of the event.

Stefano was one of the firsts that believed in my work; at the time managed one of the most beautiful shops of our region and for me he was unapproachable.

I tried lot of times to offer him a collaboration but he ignored me, but a day I saw him to a fair, standing in front of a pictures I took.

I spied him for a little and he didn’t move, I moved close to him and said: “Do you like it? It’s on of your dress.”

From that gag, a strong friendship was born, even stronger than the distance that nowdays separates us. Indeed, Stefano left Massa and opened a B&B in Apulia (

But Stefano is like me, he cannot stay without weddings and, after spending some time as a hotel manager, he’s back to the wedding world.

This is the story of the first job we did together in Apulia; it was two years ago, but I’ve never told it before..

Simona & Antonio

Simona and Antonio fell in my life because of Stefano; I had lot of worry to receive their wedding service, in a place I’ve never seen. It was the first time I had an abroad wedding.

Logistical doubts, struggles with the lenses weights and with the hand luggage.

Then the decision: I would have illustrate everything with three lenses, 14mm, 35mm and 85mm, a very classical choose and very different from the one I do nowdays.

I wanted to narrate their wedding outside on the garden, in the majesty of the Apulian olive trees: a strong image with green and blue.

Soon, I’m going to tell you about another wedding in Apulia, made with white and blue.