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Same sex wedding in Tuscany

A Love Dream: Dreamy Same-Sex Wedding in Magical Tuscany of Alessandra and Marta



As a photographer, I was able to capture the intensity of their love and the timeless beauty of this unique celebration.


There’s one phrase from this wedding that I wish to linger on:


“I have seen more love in their eyes than I see in many couples.”


This statement was uttered by Serena, who photographed alongside me and meticulously post-processed every single shot.


She had the opportunity to view, enlarge, and scrutinize each frame of this service, undoubtedly capturing many nuances of that day and comparing them to the shades she encounters daily in her profession.


Let’s narrate this story with our words but also through our images.

same sex wedding in tuscany
same sex wedding in tuscany

Love Knows No Bounds


The wedding, celebrated with the warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of Tuscany, demonstrated that love is universal and knows no boundaries. Surrounded by family and closest friends, the couple chose Tuscany as the backdrop for their special day—a setting that provided warm support for a wedding celebrating the power of love in all its forms.


Details That Tell a Story


The captured images narrate a story of love, joy, and authenticity. From the carefully curated details of the ceremony to the emotional expressions of the brides, each photo tells a unique chapter of this extraordinary day. The ceremony in front of the private church at the venue was attended by over a hundred guests. The Tuscan landscape, with its green vineyards, ancient olive trees, and historic villages, provided an extraordinary backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.

Inclusion and Acceptance


One of the most touching aspects of this wedding was the presence of friends and family openly supporting the couple. Unfortunately, even today, there are instances of same-sex weddings where one of the parents does not accept the union, marking a painful chapter for the couple. Often, this is the result of outdated social conditioning and numerous prejudices.


Tuscany has proven to be a place where acceptance and inclusion are fundamental values, making the wedding not only a special event for the brides but also for the entire community present.

The Importance of Tuscany in Same-Sex Weddings


Tuscany, with its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality, is emerging as a premier destination for gay weddings.


Couples find a place here where they can express their love in an environment that celebrates diversity. Local businesses, including wedding venues, are adapting to this growing demand, offering services and welcoming spaces to celebrate unforgettable weddings.


This year, the number of requests for such events has doubled! More importantly, couples are investing more in their weddings. What initially were small, discreet ceremonies with a few close friends have transformed into beautiful, elaborate celebrations with numerous guests.

same sex wedding
same sex wedding tuscany the party

Conclusion: A Tale of Tuscan Love – Alessandra and Marta’s Love


The same-sex wedding in Valle di Badia was much more than an event; it was a tale of love that touched the hearts of everyone present. As a photographer, I am grateful to Alessandra and Marta for allowing me to immortalize this magical day, and I hope the images convey the beauty and significance of celebrating love in all its forms.


Certainly, the two subjects were particularly easy to photograph (though they insist they are not models, at least for now), but as in all my work, what they have given us is crucial.


It’s fascinating to see how these two women have opened up during our various encounters. They arrived stiff, almost suspicious, and today, they are perfectly at ease with the photos. Ultimately, my job is to create something with the couple. If you want a documentary photo that merely shows what the couple looks like, you don’t need a photographer. Smartphones already take technically flawless photos. My job is to create the conditions for the subject to let go and spontaneously share something genuine.


Alessandra and Marta were fantastic in this, letting go and trusting us to tell their story.


We can never thank them enough for this trust.


Photographing with me:

Serena Rossi



Stefano Bacci


Andrea Senesi Dj (and what a DJ!)



Valentina Maketrucco


Creating with their hair and more:

Mirko Tagliaferri