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Lorna and Benn – Wedding in Hotel La Badia Orvieto

What about that day is going to rain?
So many times in my studio I heard this question, lot of couples worried about the weather for a wedding in May or September…
But Lorna and Benn chose August, they chose Italy, the Country of the sun.

We arrived in Orvieto with a cloudy sky, few clouds but nothing to worry about, but while Sandra Lovisco of My Wedding Mirror did the make-up for the bride, the weather decisively changed.

What to do? These are the classical situations where you have to keep your cold blood because your attitude, your facial tension can compromise the emotional state of the bride, you have to put the smile on and find a solution.
In my mind I rationalised the options, so: the idea of the beautiful garden of the Badia di Orvieto, my first option for the shooting was no more a good idea, we needed a plan B.

I know very well Orvieto and the decision was to use the city centre for the post-ceremony shooting, where between lodges and atriums I could have surely found a perfect condition for the shoots. Obviously there was no way to take the couple in the city centre, so I had to improvise. I looked ad Lorna and told her “ok, we’re going to take the photo in Orvieto, we’re going with my car.” We always work in couple so we could forget about the parking and I fast got off the car nearby the Dom.

The weather was from our side, indeed the rain allowed us a break just in front of the gothic church.

While me and the great Simone Forti (for the video) walked around the city, in the Badia the Italian Wedding Company’s Wedding Planner were working to design the wedding area in the indoor rooms and that was not so easy, but everything went well.