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Matrimonio in Barca - Wedding on the boat

Wedding on the boat

I had the honour to take pictures at over 3000 metres and under the sea, in amazing locations between the Tuscan hills or on the Como Lake, but I never took pictures of a wedding on a boat since today.

Sabrina had the idea, she’s the eclectic wedding planner by Diva events by Imagination Factory.

So, we decided to organize a service on the Armata boad in San Vincenzo. A very unusual location for a wedding.
A wedding on the boat is for celebrating a deep and big feeling, even if the bad conditions of the sea didn’t allow us to go offshore.

The bride decided to get ready inside the boad; the groom, instead, was in a room not so far.
The Amata is a perfect location for an intimate wedding, the perfect frame for a romantic love escape. Splendid for an elopement, a ceremony in an unusual location such as an escape in Las Vegas or on a island.

With such an amazing boat, you can get married in the beautiful Golfo di Baratti or on the Isola d’Elba, giving the hosts emotions that they’ll never foget.



The bride and the groom wear Le Sposi di Mori
Hair & makeup by Vizi & Style
Bride’s jewelleries by Nerobrillante
Flowers by Luciana Venanzoni
Drone by Flyciak