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Zoe and Kumaran – Wedding at Gargonza Castle

Wedding at Gargonza Castle

A castle in the heart of Tuscany and a beautiful English couple: there are the ingredients of this Tuscan wedding, of this Wedding at Gargonza Castle.

In the marvellous Gargonza Castle, in the heart of Val di Chiana, Zoa and Kumaran celebrate their wedding. They are two young londoners guys who chose to crown their love dream in the Chianti hills. A wedding even more precious because of the Indian origins of the groom: lot of their hosts wore colourful and beautiful Indian dresses.

A really suggestive scenary, cured by a great staff: Simona Coltellini and Monica balli of Wedding with a view. Every corner of the little town became a wedding corner, from the garden where the ceremony took placec, to the indoor court which became the buffet.

Taking pictures to this kind of wedding is always really stimulating because you’ve the opportunity to see different cultures and traditions which fuse together and create amazing contrasts.

Thanks to my collegues Cuccia and Santi to support me in this work.


Info: The Gorgonza Castle is in Loc. Gargonza, 52048 Monte San Savino AR