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Lake Como wedding

Lake Como wedding venues

Elegant classic villas and a stunning nature is the perfect match for a Lake Como wedding in one of the several charming venues overlooking the shores.


Lake Como wedding venues such as classic villas and historic hotels, attract everyone: Hollywood stars, Italian VIPs, and brides and grooms from all over the world. If you want to celebrate an Italian style marriage in a charming location, surrounded by a stunning nature, your choice must be a destination wedding on Lake Como shores.


Also, Como is a typical old city center rich in churches, cathedrals, buildings and architectural beauties. At least, don’t forget privileged position of Como city center: it is far from Milan and its airports about 40 minutes. Also, there is a train station in the city center so you can reach Como easily from every part of Italy and from France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Getting married in a Lake Como wedding villa

Many brides and grooms from United States to Europe, from Australia to Asia, choose to get married in a Lake Como wedding villa or to celebrate the so called destination wedding in one of the most fascinating historical houses overlooking the lake.


The reason why so many people choose to take such a long journey and to spend a lot of time and money to get married in a Como Lake villa, is that there is no other place like this in the world. The wedding day is a very special day and Como Lake shores make it even more special. 


Think about a photo shooting set on a small wooden port; think of the bride and groom while they sail the quiet water of the lake on a small boat; think about the colours of the Alps, the snow and the woods. Como Lake landscape will be part of the best memories of this day.

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