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Venice (Italy), wedding photographer

Venice is the city loved by Woody Allen and celebrated in lot of his most famous movies. And the american producer chose it for celebrating his wedding. Venice is this and even more: city of love, set of important movie productions, perfect location for celebrating a wedding between the gondole.



On of the most estimated Venice (Italy), wedding photographer is Alessandro Colle, often stand out for emotional services realised in Venice. From the engagement services, to the trash the dress services, to the real wedding, Venice offers an unforgettable and romantic atmosphere and a real charm made of gondole, canals, palaces, ancient churches. It seems to be inside a canvas.



The city of love, music and laziness”, it’s also the perfect place for a very romantic honeymoon. Smart, chic, majestic: here you can make your love dream come true and take amazing photos taken by the Tuscan photographer Alessandro Colle, who, in the laguna, catched some of his most beautiful and suggestive services.
The locations for unique photographic services don’t miss: Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, the Canal Grande, the Torre dell’Orologio. But there are also amazing and melancholic bridges, such as the Ponte dei Sospiri and Rialto, to arrive then at the palaces or at the ancient villas. The charm of the Serenissima renews at every calle.



If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Venice who can tell the story of your most beautiful day through the postcard views of the city of love, then Alessandro Colle and his team are the right choice.

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