Elopement Braies Lake on the Dolomites.

The Braies Lake with the wonderful reflection of it’s mountains on the dark and deep water.

An elopement at Lake Braies, the most famous lake in the Dolomites, where the magic of snow added a supernatural flavor to the entire setting.

The idea was to take a photo shoot at Lake Braies in the fall, but a sudden snowfall completely changed the scenario we had planned. It wasn’t easy to suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the snow, but it was also an extraordinary opportunity to take an elopement at Lake Braies in a unique context.

A sudden snowfall that left the lake water still liquid and a perfect and uncontaminated snow cover sparked the desire to create something unique. Next to me was the wedding planner Sabrina Ramazzotti. We were both motivated to create something unforgettable for Francesca and Marco.

The peculiarity of this shoot is that it was taken with a camera that is the same age as me, dating back to 1976. My Hasselblad didn’t miss a beat. It was a choice born of prudence, as sudden cold could have compromised the battery of a modern camera, but a completely mechanical camera does not have this problem and that’s why I chose to use it.

We have returned several times to shoot at Lake Braies, both in summer and winter, and it is now a regular appointment for our couples. If you want to tell your love story on this beautiful lake, whether it’s an elopement, an engagement, or a family shoot, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I warn you now that, especially in the summer months, it’s best to avoid weekends because the lake is always very crowded.