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Ilaria and Gaetano – Ostuni Wedding

Ostuni is the white city. On the Apulia sea, the white constrasts with the light blue of the sky.

It was a pleasure to come back to photograph in the heart of Salento. The atmosphere in this part of Italy is magic, the people are so welcoming.

We didn’t meet Ilaria and Gaetano, our couple, before the wedding. We were chosen for them by Stefano and Luciano, their wedding planner from Punte Bianche.

Stefano is alto the owner of Strass di Ceglie Messapica, the store where the bride got dressed.

The bride preparation was on the top of her house, an unusual set with the Apulian countryside around us.

After the ceremony, we moved to the centre of Ostuni for the post-wedding pictures, while the reception was at Punte Bianche.

For the entertainment, there were really good musicians, both modern and folkloristic, a recall to this Country.