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How many times people ask me what’s my favorite service? I finally found the answer: this one.

First of all, I’d like to thank Lara and Matteo for the possibility to crown one of my dreams, taking photos to a couple on the Monte Bianco.
Arrived in Courmayeur, we first dedicated part of the service to shoot in a hood next to the big mountain.
But while I’m taking pictures to the green and the hood, my mind was at the mountain. In my heart, I prayed that the sky would stay clear, that the sun lighted up the glacier. On the mountains, it’s easy that the weather changes quickly, you cannot bet on how it will be the next day.

When you have a service at 3000 meters there are lot of things that cannot go well and me and the Monte Bianco had a score to settle since I was a landscape photographer. Years ago I arrive on the top to take a photo to the glacier of the Grand Capucin, but sadly I didn’t consider that the batteries suffer the low temperatures and I couldn’t take photos. This time I got my equipment with me and also an ace in the hole, my beloved Hasselblad with film, completely manual.

Thanks to Skyway, the fast cable car which arrives to the lodge Torino, we arrived in a completely different world.

On the ground we were between green big trees, now we’re between eternal glaciers.

The rest to the images.

preparazione sposi courmayeur
lettera a un ragazzo che vuol fare il fotografo