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Wedding at Villa Torre Palagio

Loren and Jobert – Wedding at Villa Torre Palagio

Wedding at Villa Torre Palagio

I truly believe that the wedding photographer work has some interesting antropologic aspects.

In the lucky 2015 season, we met lot of couple from different cultures, different religions but all of them have the same story: the story of a woman and a man who swear eternal love to each other.

From the cold English countryside, to the hot of the Apulia, we take pictures to the most beautiful day of lot of fianceés, but between the events I don’t forget there’s Loren and Jobert’s special day at Villa Torre Palagio.

Loren contacted me almeno a year before her wedding, telling me it would be a “particular ceremony”. She is from Philippines and she’s protestant, but her words didn’t prepared me to the show I saw: in front of the Lake of Bilancino, a corner of Asia was been created.

Villa Torre Palagio, for a day, became a piece of Philippines, with its showy colours, its smart and easterny forms. Closing my eyes, it could seem to be with Steve McCurry in one of his travels.

But we were at Mugello, taking pictures at a wedding in the heart of Tuscany, near Florence.

The energy we felt during the ritual was incredible, when all the hosts high a hand to bless the couple. 400 hand in the sky as an immaginary push high in the sky to make their love fly.

We let the word to the pictures, to tell this particular wedding in the heart of Tuscany.