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Wedding Tenuta di Corbinaia

Wedding at Tenuta di Corbinaia


Let me tell you about a wedding at Tenuta Corbinaia, one of the most beautiful venues for a reception in Tuscany.


A Unique Setting Immersed in the Tuscan vineyards and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, Tenuta Corbinaia offers the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding. Here, every detail, from the ceremony to the party setup, is meticulously curated to ensure an unforgettable experience.


Chiara and Giorgio’s Wedding


Chiara and Giorgio’s wedding began at the Church of San Michele degli Scalzi in Pisa, also known as the Church of the Piagge. A church that is highly representative of Pisa, much like the famous Leaning Tower, it too has many inclined walls. From a photographer’s perspective, it’s always challenging to frame because there’s always a sensation of being tilted.

wedding at tenuta Corbinaia
wedding at tenuta Corbinaia

The Advantage of a Perfect Setting for a Photoshoot


For the post-ceremony photoshoot, we decided to capture it in the Tuscan countryside surrounding the marvelous Tenuta di Corbinaia. Every path meandering through the fields allows for creating iconic images, thanks to extraordinary light and breathtaking scenery. Around us, there are many glimpses of typically Tuscan landscapes, with cypress trees, hills, and the white roads typical of our region.


Tenuta di Corbinaia


Tenuta di Corbinaia is like a small village perched on a hill. Its style resembles a Tuscan farmhouse in its main part and a medieval castle on the side parts. It’s a structure perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment.


The aperitif was served in the poolside area, where Tastensax performed with their show that blends DJ sounds with saxophone played among the audience. Guests were then welcomed into the mirrored hall, offering a wonderful landscape view, where dinner was served.

The Evening 


The evening continued with the cake cutting, which amazed everyone present with the fireworks display curated by Diego. The fireworks made the cake-cutting moment even more magical. The lights dancing in the night sky, the roar of fireworks blending with the laughter and applause of the guests, created an unforgettable festive atmosphere.


And what about the party animated by Tastensax in the disco area? With guests unleashed, dancing until late into the night?

wedding tuscany - tenuta di Corbinaia