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Boho Chic Style Service

Boho Chic Style Service

Often, the most beautiful things happen for no reason; they say it happens in love, but, to me, it happened in job too.

For chance, a collaboration with Daniela was born for her new bridal dresses collection, Daphne brand.

It’s been a long time I didn’t approach the fashion photography, something that it is in my curriculum, but very different from what I usually do everyday with my camera.

My way of shooting is reportage, that is catching the moment during the wedding; the fashion pictures, indeed, asks the photographer to build a situation to tell and promote a product. It’s like if you ask to a football player to move from the attack to the defense; but I wanted to try this new adventure and I accepted.

I have to admit that my task was easier because of the exceptional models Cristina Gesess chose for us, because of the floreal composition done by Alberto Menegardi who was also a groom, and because of the beautiful location: Villa Bossi.

This service mood is the Bohemien style, known also as Boho Chic. No reference to the Puccini opera, but it’s a style which put together the lightness of a almost hippie styles with a touch of elegance. David Brooks, american journalist, create the word.

For this service, I change a bit my way of taking pictures, in particular I preferred to use two lenses I usually didn’t use during weddings: 105mm and 35mm. I chose these two thinking of the idea to create two kind of images: the indoor ones, which are very similar to what our eyes see, like the spectator really was in that room during the preparation. The photographer is like a friend who comes to the bride’s home before the wedding.

I use the 105mm for the outdoor pictures, where I created a soft effect, like the models are in a fairy world, far away from the reality.



This service’s pictures are published in severals pubblications, above to the Atelier’s adds.

The programm “Detto Fatto” on Rai 2 used them to describe the Boho Chic style.

The Elle Sposa magazine posted a pictures of the floreal decoration on its site.

The Vogue Sposa magazine published some shots on its site of the Milan Bride Week.
Bride dress: Daphne Milano
Location: Villa Bossi Bodio Lomnago

Make up: Gloria Bacigalupi/Michela Biagi

Hair Artist: Compagnia della Bellezza/Cristian Sinopoli Hairwedding flower

Design: Alberto Menegardi flower designer

Photographer: Alessandro Colle Photographer, Collephoto

Post-production: Serena Rossi Colle

Casting and coordination: Cristina Gesess