Everything you have to know about the drone during the wedding
drone during the wedding

Everything you have to know about the drone during the wedding

For long time I was against the use of drone during the wedding service. I often saw them fell down during my collegues’ services, so till now I preferred not to use it.

But this year, because of the big demand, I decided to try and discover this world and to understand if it’s a secure thing to do.

For this reason, three team mates began the certification class as APR pilots and we bought two efficient vehicles and we’re validating them to ENAC (the national authority of the civil air force).

I decided to do a manual which explains the necessary things to know for safely operating, respecting the laws.

a) Who drives the drone at your wedding?

Flying during the wedding is a specialistic operation (sometimes a critical one). For this, THE LAW imposes the pilot to have a valid APR license. This is also if it’s a free service they offer you.

b) Can the drone fly over groups of people?

In every case, it can’t fly over groups (3 or more persons), so flying over smiling and waving group are prohibited. The penality for who commits this violation is both civil and penal.

c) Can the drone fly in the city?

Flying over the city centre is a critical operation, to do it you need some authorizations and some technical arrangements. You’ve to aske ENAC, which can also forbid the flight. You need an other specialization to do it.

d) d) Can I fly over Porto Venere?

Portovenere, as other location in this area, is a military zone. This needs the ENAC authorization and also the Military authority permission.

e) But if the drone falls on someone?

If the drone flies for work, it has to be insured. In the event of damage, without insurance the pilot, the operator (the drone owner) and the costumers (the married couple if it’s a wedding service) are the responsible.

f) Are there any restricted areas?

Yes, there are areas where you cannot fly. Anyway, it’s necessary to discuss the flight plan with the photographer and the pilot.

So, dear costumers, when you choose the wedding photographer and he proposes you the drone, just know that it’s a great tool, but with lot of laws on it.
You’ve to aks to see:

a) pilot’s license
b) insurance
c) validation of the vehicle

Be suspicious if your interlocutor doesn’t show you one of these documents or if he doesn’t propose you to check the flight plan with you.
Sadly, in our field, lot of people buy a drone and the day after they fly on a wedding. So be carefull.

Saying that, Collephoto is ready to put you wedding on a camera in complete safety and according with the rules. ????

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