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Getting married in the Cinque Terre – 10 tips

Cinque terre is a location rich in suggestive corners for wedding photography, a unique stage where couples can create unforgettable images of their special day. From a photographic point of view, however, it is not an easy location, especially if you rely on a photographer who is shooting there for the first time. I have summarized in 10 points the tips that I believe are essential for those who are planning to have their wedding photos taken in the Ligurian Levant. Getting married in Cinque Terre can be fantastic for your service, but let’s see some tricks for a Cinque Terre wedding:

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Chose a professional photographer who knows the area for a Cinque Terre wedding

Cinque Terre is a place with particular logistical and photographic features, so it is necessary to know both the towns and the best hours to go to various places to achieve optimal results. In short, it is better not to improvise.


The light in Cinque Terre is very different depending on the seasons, so plan your hours well to be in the right place with the right light


Moving around Cinque Terre is quite challenging, so if you can’t give up your 12cm heels, pair them with a comfortable pair of flats or All-Stars. We are increasingly used to seeing brides with a touch of madness even at the most elegant ceremonies. For men, shoes with a rubber sole are recommended.


Rarely is a wedding entirely held in one village. Moving from one country to another is possible in three ways: by land, by train, and by boat. The couple who arrives by boat at their wedding is certainly fascinating and allows the photographer to take suggestive shots from the sea. I have also moved couples by train, and it is very entertaining to see Japanese tourists jostle to take pictures of the bride. The road solution, on the other hand, is the most inconvenient because it requires long uphill climbs to return from the sea to the parking lot

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Which land?

The two most visited are undoubtedly Riomaggiore and Manarola, even if the romantic road that unites them (the “Via dell’amore”) is currently closed. It’s a shame because the sea-view scenarios were perfect for photos. At the moment, the best places to take photos of Manarola are the main street and Piazza degli Uccelli Morti. From here, you can take pictures with the country in the background. For Riomaggiore, a shot from the cliff is a must. Corniglia is excellent for using the terrace and the beach, but from a photographic point of view, it offers the least number of ideas. Instead, if you want wide scenarios and suggestive views, you can orient yourself to Vernazza, with its church overlooking the sea and its harbor. Monterosso, which is the largest, is recommended for shots in the old village, recently renovated after the flood, or to set up a race on the beach.


Certainly, everyone imagines Cinque Terre with warm sunset light, and in fact, it is also the best time to take photos. The sun sets on the sea, and its last rays come to illuminate the country, which is colored with a magical atmosphere. Night photos taken at night with the lights of small restaurants on the marina in the background are also interesting. Central hours of the day should be avoided because they create too strong contrasts between shadows and lights.

Best Season

If you are looking for a spectacular sunset as the background for your wedding in Cinque Terre, choose autumn. No other country offers beautiful colors like October, and you will see the sky turn bright red.

Is wearing a tie mandatory for the groom?

If you’re in a fishing village, you can dare to wear a less formal dress. It would definitely be out of place to wear a long dress or a half-tuxedo.

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Trash the dress

This is a photo shoot that takes place a few days after the wedding. It can be a great solution for getting photos in a challenging location like this. You can choose a different place for your ceremony and ask your photographer to take pictures of you here in the days following. This will give you more freedom of movement and make things easier for your guests

Time for photos

To get the most out of a location like this, it can be useful to have some time to spend on photos. If you want to spend little time on your photos, there may be more convenient locations to get a greater variety of shots. But if you want to devote at least a couple of hours to your images, you will be amazed

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