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National Geographic Alessandro Colle

My photo on National Geographic

I think I started to love Photography because of the idea of narrating places and locations, then my insterest arrived on people. Those days, I was a photoamateur, maybe in my heart I am still a photoamateur, or maybe as Erwit says: I’m a professional photographer that does the photoamateur for hobby.

Years ago I dedicated my fredd time to landscapes, I travelled a lot to take pictures in places I thought they’d be interesting. One of those travels took me in Neuschwanstein, in Germany. This is the castle which inspired Walt Disney for the entrance of Disneyland, the ultimate fairy castle.

In the landscape photography, like in the weddings’, you always think of them with the sun, the perfect light and maybe just a little cloud in the right place in the sky. But that time in Baviera didn’t go so well.

I arrived in the shadow of the hill with a terrible deluge, the castle was inside the fog; it didn’t seem the fairy tale castle, but the Dracula one’s.

It was impossible to find the right place to take a picture, so I decided to visit it inside; I started the tour looking outside every window on the grey sky and the neverending rain.

There was no chance to take a picture and under the weight of my backpack I could feel my bad mood.

When the tour terminated, I was going at my bus when I noticed that the fos was fading away. What to do? I have to say that that was the last bus of the day, if I would lost it, I had to come back from the hill under the rain.

I always say that a good photographer needs two essential accessories: a poncho and waterproof shoes. This sentence was born that day. I ran at the suspension bridge behind the castle. It rain a lot, the rain drops covered my camera lens and I constantly cleaned it (don’t do that, always us a microfiber towel). It was a real battle between the frame I wanted and the lens full of water. I abandoned the 14/24 and used a 24/70 with the lampshade which permitted to concentrate on the shot and not on the rain.

I composed the photo in the simplest way: I created a simple picture and I shot.

While I was going down the hill under the rain, I didn’t know if my shoot was good or not, I didn’t know that, years later, National Geographic (Polish edition) would buy my photo.

This is the second time that one of my photos was published in that magazine, and I have to say that this is always a big satisfaction; maybe one day I could really become a landscape photographer.

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