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Daphne Milano New Collection

New Collection Daphne Milano

Presentation of the new collection of Daphne Milano 2018.
I’m a wedding photographer, but, as every event photographer, sometimes I need to try something new. I get out of the wedding theme and challenge myself with a part of me that I usually ignore; to say it with psychological words, I push myself out of your comfort zone and measure me with something new and uncomfortable.
When you do dozens of wedding every year, you gain self-confidence of your work, you always has the ace in the hole which helps you to escape from every difficult situation. Sometimes, this keeps you tied to your habits and schemes; at this point, I need the necessity to try something new to change the situations and learn something new.
A great opportunity is surely to accept the work for fashion photographies, a very different world from the wedding’s.
In the wedding you let the couple go and try to catch their emotions; on the set, this doesn’t happen. The invisible photographer I always talk about, the one you don’t have to see on the scene, loses the invisibility cape and becomes the creator of the scene.
For my way of shooting, this is almost a violence, but force me to concentrate on every little detail, to study the lights and to focalize myself not on the emotions of the subject but on the perfection of the image.
This thing I force myself to do will let lasting signs on my photography, in my next works I will try to pur more attention at the lights or at the hands position.
As the philosopher Joseph Shumpeter said, this is a demolition which creates, from a side you lost your habits and the certainties you have; but from those ashes it will raise a new way to see the scene. Also the past year I had the honour to be called by Daphne Milano to take pictures to their dresses, but last year the work had a romantic atmosphere, concentrated on the boho-chic, totally different from this year’s atmosphere.
From the romantic walls of a villa in Varene, we moved to the cement of a sculptors’ foundation, the Arkad in Seravezza.
The light we wanted for these photos was a cut-light, very hard which created a dark atmosphere. This is also a very different thing, distant from my way to narrate weddings.
This was my first service I totally used the equipment I chose for the new season, indeed Canon with Sigma and Sony Alpha 7RII fixed lenses.


For this service, I have to thank to:
Paola Bruno of Perfect Party for the perfect organization
Hortus Contemporaneo for the floreal outfitting
Michela Biagi for the make-up
Serena Rossi for the post-prodoction