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Barber Shop

Thanks to Barber Shop

For a photographer, some optionals are essential; for example, the bands we use for supporting the cameras during the service.

A professional photographer usually has 5 or 6 kg of equipment on his shoulders for the entire service (8/12 hours). You know that we need ergonomic bands, to avoid back problems.

Last year, Serena and I used a new product by Barber Shop.

Changing bands is not so easy, for years I used an American model which gave a nice comfort, but were not transpired. Once I tried the Barber Shop’s, I understood that the Italian product was better: more stability, more ergonomic and not intersected on the chest and don’t get sweat.

I used them without problem for the entire season, they came with me in London and New York and more than once they saved my cameras with the double hooks. It sometimes happens that one of the cameras unhook but this system doesn’t let the Nikon fall down.

Sadly, before the last service, the rivet which put them together cracked. Fortunately, the cameras didn’t ruined, but I immediately called the company asking for a reparation. I have to say that they were really professional and helpful, they quick sent me a new product and organized the return of the damaged one (both mine and Serena’s because they were lacked).

I’d like to thanks Mrs. Camilla and Mrs. Elisabetta to be really helpful and give us assistance, above all for the unexpected gift which arrived with our new bands.

We recommend you this beautiful Italian product, it’s even more rare to find companies which reply in case of problems.