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Third Place in the AG-WPJA world contest

I remember a mail from some years ago, “We’re sorry, but you photography is not good enough for being approved.

It was a bad punch for my self-esteem, but it was also an incentive to do better and grow. I always thought that, call myself into question is the first point to reach a goal and so it went: not so many years later from that email, my photography changed and three months ago the association who refused me, communicate me that I was accepted between its members.

Entering in the AG-WPJA means becoming part of an international photographers context and compare myself with the “gotha” of the world wedding photography.

Every years, the association promotes a serie of 4 challenges which decided a rank of the best photographer. You compete with collegues from every parts of the globe, from the great American photographers to the new talents in Asia.

To judge the photographies there are other well-known colleques, three judges for every challenge who motivate their choices.

I could just take part of two challenges because I send the sign up late, but the result is extraordinarry.

What do I feel to get this result? Surely, a great satisfaction, but also the certainty that the path I’m doing is in the right way.