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Villa Grabau

Villa Grabau wedding
in a Renaissance house

Villa Grabau dates back to the 1400s but it still retains its Renaissance style. This is the reason why it is the perfect location for an elegant wedding in San Pancrazio, Lucca.


 There are several reasons why to celebrate a Villa Grabau wedding, first of all the charm that this historic residence preserves and emanates.


It first belong to a merchants family, the Diodati; then to the Orsetti Counts and the Cittadella Marquises and finally to the German banker Rodolfo Schwartze, from whose wife, Carolina, the villa took its current name. This building cross the centuries and the infinite architectural details tell a lot about its history.


The park that surrounds Villa Grabau is rich in botanical species. It is possible to set the wedding banquet here. Inside the villa, there are different spaces and rooms where to organize the wedding party, from the Limonaia to the Teatro di Verzura, a typical element of the so called “Giardino all’italiana” (italian garden) that characterizes the outside spaces of the villa. It is a green space well-finished where it was possible to attend a theater performance in the past centuries. Nowadays, this space is the ideal place for a Villa Grabau wedding while enjoying the privacy and the quiet of this remote corner of the garden.

Getting married in
a wedding venue near Lucca

Villa Grabau is one of the most interesting wedding venues near Lucca. It is located in San Pancrazio, a little town a few kilometers far from Lucca. Getting married at Villa Grabau is certainly a good choice for those brides and grooms who are looking for an high-level location with scenographic gardens and outside spaces for the photo shooting.


Also, the village of San Pancrazio is close to this famous Lucca wedding villa. It is a typical Tuscan old city center and it offers the opportunity to celebrate the religious rite in the small, Medieval church of Pieve di San Pancrazio. As well as the villa, the church is a very suggestive location for the wedding photo shooting. Here are some pictures and stories from marriages set in San Pancrazio and in Villa Grabau.

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