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Sara and Andrea – Wedding at Villa Grabau

Wedding at Villa Grabau – Sara and Andrea

I knew Sara and Andrea since their little Gabriele was born and when they asked me to take pictures during their special day I though it would be a great adventure. I saw their wedding growing up little by little, I often got in touch with Sara to know new particulars when they chose them.

I have to say that Sara was really careful taking care of every details.

The couple chose a great team of professionists for the wedding: for the bride’s hair, Alex Pezzica, for the groom’s hair, Marco Mangini from Mome 17, a young barber but well-known in the international field.

The flowers were by Lazzini Fiori in Massa, who set up both the Dom in Massa and the Villa Grabau.

After a fascinating ceremony in the Dom of Massa, the party moved in Lucca, first on the Walls of the city, then in the gardens of Villa Grabau.

A wedding in Villa Grabau is always exciting. The Villa is one of the most beautiful in that area. Its boulevard, its garden full of ancient trees, they make it one of the most desired location for a wedding in Tuscany.