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Wedding at Villa Orlando in Torre del Lago

Azzurra and Luca – Wedding at Villa Orlando

This Wedding at Villa Orlando begins in Bedizzano, a little fraction of Carrara; Azzurra got ready in her home set in the white of the marble quarries.
The bridal dress was by the Atelier Spose di Rosy and Azzurra wore it in the gazebo set in the garden, a diffused light created a beautiful atmosphere to narrate her preparation.

The Bedizzano church, near Azzurra’s house, was reached by walking, like in a other times’ wedding: the girl who walks through and the entire town looking at her.
Waiting on her in the church, Luca arrived with a lovely cabrio.

In the church of San Ginesio, wanted by Alberico I Malaspina, the couple celebrated their wedding in the commotion of all the hosts, despite of a strange message under the groom’s shoes.

But, at the end of the ceremony, the surprises have begun. The groom went out the church with a big water gun, getting all their friends who were waiting on them for the throwing of th rice wet. But the emotion cheat on him and he left the water gun to a child who didn’t esitate to shot at him. The photo of the wet groom has already won an International Photography award.

But the surprises did not end, from now on the wedding planner Paola Bruno of Perfect Party started to supervise the wedding and greeted the couple in their new life with a bubbles performance by Princy.

With a speedy race, we reached Torre Del Lago, where the party was waiting on us. The location the couple chose was the famous Villa Orlando, on the Massaciuccoli Lake.

A Wedding at Villa Orlando means the traditional arrival of the couple by boat, that we followed with our drone flying close to the water.

The photos will narrate you the marvellous preparation Paola Bruno did and the suggestive show of the lightning butterflies.
A suggestive party and then a crazy trash the dress that you can see at this link.

Team Photo:
Alessandro Colle
Matteo Zannoni

The video is by Damiano Mariotti
The drone service is by Fly Ciak