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Crazy Wedding at Costa dei Barbari

Wedding celebrated in Pietrasanta Dom with party at Costa dei Barbari in Viareggio.

My brides are rock, everyone knows it. They’re girls full of energy who love to put themselves into play.

Our service is an unique experience which narrates without poses one of the most beautiful days of our clients, who are people without fear for showing who they really are and who don’t want a conventional wedding.

Sometimes, I say that you don’t have to call our picures “wedding pictures”, because they’re portraits where the subject is without veil, without lies at the observer’s eyes.

If you think that the wedding pictures are too sweet with the hands doing a heart or with some diva poses, just look at Alessia and Massimo’s wedding.
This beautiful couple of Milan, with two children, chose the Versilia and the Costa dei Barbari for crowning their love story.

Until this point, everything’s alright. But what about a group of crazy bridesmaids outside the church? What about a braidsmaid fainted in the church? What about the married couple running with the dogs on the beach? What about the bride thrown in the sea before dinner?

There are weddings where you think about letting the camera go and go to party with the hosts, as the saxofonist did when he went in the centre of the dance floor doing a solo. This is one of the weddings where you use the wide angle lens to bring the observer inside the scene.

Make up: Gloria Bacigalupi

Hair: Mides Parrucchieri

Wedding Planner: Ambra Raffi

Church: Duomo Pietrasanta

Location: Costa dei Barbari

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